Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Wizard of Oz (book 1)

Have you ever read the Wizard of Oz? 

I started reading it on the 27th July and it's a friendly book but all i keep seeing is Dorothy, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin man and all those brightly coloured munchins, as they are in the film.

Originally names The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published on the 17th May 1900 in Chicago by George M Hill Company, and reminds me somewhat of an older version of a Roald Dahl book. The film was released in 1939. Lyman Frank Baum was one of seven children born to an affluent family. He was thought to be a dreamer when he told his stories to his son but eventaully he wrote them down and they became the books about Dorothy Gale and the wizard of Oz.

So far i have read about a third of the book. Dorothy is making her way to Oz with Toto, the Tinman, the Scarcrow and the Lion in tow. The book is simply written and any child could read it with ease but i think today's children require more excitement and without the images of the film to help me along i'm not sure i would keep reading - but i am an adult.

Book, books, books

If i had a library full of books i probably still wouldn't have enough. My Dad instilled in me the passion to read. My Mother encouraged us to go to the library every week, probably so she could have some peace, but none the less by the time i was six i could read enough to follow a knitting pattern. 

I remember the likes of Janet and John and Peter and Jane but i also enjoyed the Hardy Boy Mysteries. I Can't remember the specifics only that i enjoyed them and read the whole of the libraries supply. 

From there my passion has continued. Now i tend to read two books at the same time. Usually one none-fiction and one fiction. I have recently finished 'The Reading Promise' by Alice Ozma. Alice and her father made a promise that he would read to her every night for at least 10 minutes, no matter what. The original goal was 100 nights, then it became 1000 nights and then 3218 nights. It began when she was 9 and finished when she was 18 and went away from home to college. It's beautifully written, funny and it's been a joy to read.

So i thought i would take the 100 day challenge myself. Now i don't have anyone to read to me so for now at least i make the promise to myself - to read every night for at least 10 minutes, no matter what, but i'm not planning on reading out loud my children think i'm odd enough as it is.

I've decided to start with 'The Wizard of Oz' by L Frank Baum. I've seen the film often but never read the book. I've also decided that i can only buy the next book when i've nearly finished the book i'm reading. I love new books and i do tend to have them piled up waiting if i'm not careful. What i didn't know is that there are 12 books in the Oz series and The Wizard of Oz is just the first.

And my other book is 'The story of Charlotte's Web' by Michael Sims. More about that another time.