Monday, 8 August 2011

Charlotte's Web (part 2)

It has taken me just a few short days and one bad headache to read this charming little book. I also spent a couple of hours watching the delightfully funny film version of the book. 

It’s a story about friendship. A friendship between two unlikely animals a pig named Wilbur and a spider by the name of Charlotte. True friendship lasts no matter what and when we have a true friendship we are willing to sacrifice all that we have to help one another. 

Although Wilbur and Charlotte are the main characters i think the best supporting role should go to Templeton the Rat. He comes across in the film as a ‘Jack the Lad’ type and a loveable rogue. His only love is food and the more food he gets to eat the happier he is. So if you want him to do anything for you the best thing to do is offer him food as a bribe it seemed to work for Wilbur and for Charlotte. 

As in life all friendships have to come to an end. However by the end of the book Wilbur has made many friends and continues throughout the years to welcome first the children and then the grandchildren and so on and so on to the barn and is able to tell them about Charlotte and how she saved his life.

Written in 1952 it probably lacks the depth of action that children today have come to expect from books. However it’s a loveable little book. It’s probably not a good book for someone who as a spider phobia though.

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