Monday, 15 August 2011

Matilda (part 2)

I've finished Matilda and if i hadn't of watched the film i would have said it was a great children's book. I can't say the film took away from the book i just felt as i was reading it there were pieces missings. I kept expecting Matilda to tip over the honey loops or fly the cards around her head, which of cause she never does in the book.

Seeing as this is about the book i suppose i better write about that. The book is about a little girl called Matilda. She is an exceptional brainy child with exceptionally stupid parents. She is a case for believing that children have an innate abilty to learn and will learn anything you give them to do with very little persauding.

The best bits for me were when Matilda finds an interesting use for superglue and her mother's hair dye, which is peroxide bleach. Also the flooring of Miss Trunchbull which Matilda accomplishes with her amazing kinetic powers, which unfortunately by the end of the book she loses has her brain needs the room to absorb all the new things she is learning. 

Dahl best character in this book as to be the simpering Miss Honey. At 23 she comes across as a weak-willed old maid and even in the end she only gets back what Miss Trunchbull, her aunt, took from her when Matilda, the hero, intervenes and re-establishes her as the rightful heiress. However she is kind and caring and loves her work.

I ask myself the question 'would my 10 year old niece find this interesting?' 'Would she read it?' I think the images she has of the film would will get her started but she would be forever trying to look between the pages for the missing pieces. It's a fun book, Matilda is an unforgettable character. Aged group probably around 8 year olds.

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