Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My library

Well, it's finally hit my library! 

The recession that is. Yesterday i walked into my favourite space in the library only to find half of it devoid of books. Stood there with my mouth open probably didn't look a pretty sight, but there i was and that's where a very nice librarian found me. I stammered 'what happened?' and she explained. They have lost 20 members of staff, they have also had to close down two floors so they can be rented out as office space, the non-fiction is going up a floor, which is smaller and the family history research and local history are combining on the floor we were on. I must of looked shocked because she followed with sorry it looks a mess right now, we have to take all the books off the shelves, then the shelves have to be dismantled and taken upstairs and then the books replaced and that it should all be done by Christmas. And then, 'is there anything i can help you with?' And i replied i'll be back in January i can't cope with this. Oh and one floor as now been turned over to the internet so all the teenagers can get on facebook, that's what she told me, honest.

Libraries should have order and BOOKS. Usually when i go to the library, which is at least weekly i like to browse and pick and mix, yeah like sweets. I don't mind reading novels, in fact i quite enjoy a good novel but i also like to extend my feeble mind. In the chaos that is now ensuing i'm not sure i would not be so inspired.

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